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The Metaverse GameFi CryptoKnight’s official website will be launched on February 7

D on the crypto-pass economic system. 

CryptoKnight changes the profit model of the production team, linking the interests of the production team to the long-term ecological development of the game, while players can share the dividends of the game's development.

CryptoKnight has received strong support from GREYROCK and UB CAPITAL, and has received a $5 million investment to develop and build the entire CryptoKnight ecosystem, with team members dedicated to CryptoKnight's technical development, transparent governance, and community service to promote the long-term sustainability of the game. The team is committed to the long-term development of the CryptoKnight project. The team's governance goal is to ensure the sustainability of the CryptoKnight 30 www.cryptoknightp2e.com project, the effectiveness of its management, and the safety of the use of funds. The team is committed to using all funds received for the CryptoKnights' technology development, community development, and eco-building of the CryptoKnight project.

The Metaverse GameFi CryptoKnight's official website will be launched on February 7.

The Metaverse GameFi CryptoKnight (CK) will be officially launched sale on the website on February 7. The project announced the completion of a $5 million seed funding round led by GREYROCKFUND and UB CAPITAL.

To reach the good return of the game, CryptoKnight 1.0 will only accept a maximum of 4,000 gamers to register.